10 Fun Virtual Icebreakers for Work

Try these quick, short and fun icebreaker questions in your workplace chat (Slack, MS Teams..etc) or video call (Zoom, Google Meet...etc). They are all work friendly and guaranteed to be easy and engaging for everyone.

1. If there were no cats on Earth, what would replace cat videos on the internet?

2. What was the last picture you took that wasn’t a selfie?

3. What’s one thing we could do to improve our virtual meetings?

4. You find a spider on your wall at home. What do you do?

5. What's a product (or app) you bought recently that you'd recommend?

6. Do you catch the news every day? What headline caughtyour eye today??

7. If you were a squirrel, where would you hide your nuts to stop others stealing them?

8. There are five of you and only one slice of pizza left. What do you do?

9. If you had to describe how you're feeling right now as a weather pattern, what's your forecast?

10. What job has the coolest uniform?

Maintain friendly team bonds, culture & trust 🍕


Junu Yang

A designer and maker. Building things to help make remote work more friendly and human.