5 Simple Virtual Team Building Activities

Try these simple and quick team building activities for 5, 10 or 20 minutes at a time with your remote team.

1. Social media scavenger hunt

Get your team interacting with each other and bonding over common interests. Divide your team into groups and have them search for specific items or information on social media. The first group to find everything on the list wins!

2. Word association game

Get your team thinking creatively and working together. One person starts by saying a word, and the next person has to say a word in response that is associated with the first word. This continues until all members of the team have had a turn.

3. Online trivia contest

Test your team's knowledge and see how well they work together. Divide your team into groups and have them compete against each other to answer trivia questions. The team with the most correct answers wins!

4. Pictionary

Get your team's creative and fun juices flowing. Have one person draw a picture while the others guess what it is.

5. Work from home Scavenger Hunt

Give everyone a list of items to find around the house or office and see who can find them the quickest.

Maintain friendly team bonds, culture & trust 🍕


Junu Yang

A designer and maker. Building things to help make remote work more friendly and human.